Photos courtesy of these CACs (L to R): Niagara, Zebra (Edmonton), BOOST (Toronto), SeaStar (Halifax), ORCA (Victoria)

Spring 2014

Welcome to the CAC Canada website, where you can read about recent CAC/CYAC developments across the country. The spring 2014 Newsletter notes that the number of open CACs has more than doubled in one year. It also includes insights, tips and challenges from interviews with many CAC leaders — at both long-established CACs, and others still in development. Several CACs now have videos online and links are provided to these.

This website also includes updated CAC Organization descriptions – contact information, name changes and milestones in development, as provided by each group. Resources and practical tools (e.g. consent and referral forms, MOUs) shared by CAC colleagues are on this website. You will also find the proceedings, presentations and discussions of the Next Steps Meeting (Toronto, 2013) and the first national Knowledge Exchange (Ottawa, 2011) in the Archive section.

Pam Hurley
Knowledge Exchange and Next Steps Meeting Organizer
King’s University College at Western