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The Research and Statistics Division (RSD) at the Department of Justice produces and disseminates empirical research and statistical analysis.Click on the hyperlink below to view reports that have been posted to the website or click on the email address to request a pdf copy.

Specifically on CAC/CYACs


Understanding the Development and Impact of Child Advocacy Centres (CACs)

This study was commissioned by the Department of Justice to better understand how Canadian CACs are developing and operating. It was designed to measure client satisfaction with CACs and to examine client satisfaction with the criminal justice system’s process and outcomes.

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Evidence Supporting National Guidelines for Canada’s Child Advocacy Centres – Lorne D. Bertrand, Ph.D., Joanne J. Paetsch, B.A., John-Paul Boyd, M.A., LL.B., Nicholas Bala, LL.M., F.R.S.C

This project reviews national and international research to provide the evidence, background and context to support the rationale for each of the ten draft guidelines proposed for Canadian Child Advocacy Centres.

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Child Advocacy Centres and Child and Youth Advocacy Centres in Canada: National Operational Survey Results – Shanna Hickey

The Department of Justice designed this study to collect operational data such as the CACs/CYACs stage of development, the services they provide, and how they provide these services.

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Addressing the Needs of Child Victims and Their Families: the Role of the Victim Advocate – Melissa Northcott

This report examines the needs of child victims and their families and how various children’s advocacy centres (CACs) respond to these needs through victim support and advocacy services.

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Victims of Crime Research Digest

There are several articles in the Victims Research Digest that focus on testimonial aids and Child Advocacy Centres/Child & Youth Advocacy Centres.

Issue No. 2

Facilitating Testimony for Child Victims and Witnesses – by Melissa Northcott

Issue No.6

Building Our Capacity: Children’s Advocacy Centres in Canada

Issue No. 8

  • The Use of Closed-Circuit Television: The Experiences of Child and Youth Witnesses in Ontario’s West Region
  • Identifying Young Victims in the Media in Canada: A Media Scan
  • Exclusion of the Public, Appointment of Counsel: Tools to Help Victim Witnesses in Canada’s North

Issue No. 9

The Use of Closed-Circuit Television: The Experiences of Crown Prosecutors and Victim-Services Workers in the Ontario West Region

Fact Sheets developed by the Research and Statistics Division

JustFacts: Victimization of Indigenous Children and Youth (July 2017)

JustFacts: Sexual Assault (May, 2017)

JustFacts: Sexual Violations against Children and Child Pornography (May 2017)

JustFacts: Jordan – Statistics Related to Delay in the Criminal Justice System

JustFacts: Child-Related Sexual Offences Subject to a Mandatory Minimum Penalty  (December 2015)

JustFacts: Children’s Advocacy Centres (2013)




The Examination and Cross-Examination of Children in Criminal Proceedings: A Review of the International Literature – Tamara Jordan

This report examines how seven countries, Australia, New Zealand, England and Wales, the United States, South Africa, Israel and Norway, handle the examination and cross-examination of child witnesses in the criminal justice system.

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Building Knowledge Series – from a few years ago, a series of one page notes on data about child and youth victimization